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Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Early Childhood Screening

     Do you have a child ages 3-5? Early Childhood Screening is a FREE and simple check to assist parents in improving the educational readiness and health of young children through the early detection of factors that may impede their learning, growth, and development. Screening is ideally performed as close to age 3 as possible, but is mandated by the State of Minnesota to be completed before kindergarten. Early screening can detect possible health or learning concerns to enable a child to get help before they begin kindergarten. Earlier screening it better! What is screening all about? Watch this informative video giving a quick overview of Early Childhood.

View the Early Childhood Screening Parent video

The Screening Process

  • During the screening a well-qualified staff and early childhood staff will “play games” to check:

    • Thinking, Language and Communication Skills
    • Social & Emotional Development
    • Large & Small Muscle Development
    • Hearing & Vision
    • Height & Weight
The entire Early Childhood Screening process takes approximately 1 hour. A parent/guardian remains with the child during the process. At the conclusion, you will receive a summary of the screening results and have the opportunity to discuss concerns you may have about your child’s development or circumstances that could affect his/her learning.
  • Every effort is made to contact all families with young children ages 3+ in need of screening. Please call 320-543-4670 if you have a child ages 3+ and have not received notification of screening.

Call Ellen Uter, 320-543-4670 ext. 4 with questions or to schedule an appointment! 

Contact: Ellen Uter