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HLWW e-Learning Day Plan

Posted 8-24-2022

What is an e-Learning Day?

e-Learning days occur when we experience inclement weather and need to continue our learning beyond the classroom. Students will access their e-Learning classroom in the Google Classroom or paper copies made available UPON REQUEST. e-Learning days are an extension of the school calendar and are considered part of students’ regular attendance. Notify your student’s school if your student is ill or absent. We will follow normal absence procedures on an e-Learning Day. If you have questions about attendance on an e-Learning Day, please contact your student’s teacher or building principal.

For the FIRST inclement weather day when it is determined school needs to be closed, students will have a “snow day” and no e-Learning Day will be implemented. The first snow day will not be made up.

Why have E-Learning Days?

e-Learning days help to reduce disruptions in the classroom when weather keeps us from coming to school. Teachers and students can continue to move forward with their current curriculum.  Teachers will provide meaningful activities that help reduce the impact from lost face-to-face instruction. An e-Learning Day allows us to not have to make up days in June. e-Learning days also prepare our students for 21st century learning as there are more online learning opportunities being presented.

What does an E-Learning Day look like?

Families will be notified at least 2 hours before the start of the normal school time of an e-Learning Day. Notifications will come by phone, social media accounts, and other media outlets.

Elementary Schools (PreK-Grade 4): Winsted and Humphrey Elementary schools will have choice boards available to students on an e-Learning Day. Teachers will post the information in Google Classroom and email the choice board to parents when an e-Learning Day happens. Students will have three days to turn in choice boards to their teacher for the e-Learning Day. If no choice board is turned in after 3 days, the student will be counted absent for the e-Learning Day. Teachers will host office hours for student and staff support via email and phone between the hours of 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Students who are on an IEP or 504 Plan will be accommodated accordingly. Case managers will work with classroom teachers to deliver appropriate programming.

Middle School/High School (Grades 5-12): Students are required to check in live with their advisor for attendance during the advisory period. Students will follow their class period schedule throughout the day.  Teachers will assign work using Google Classroom. Teachers will have the ability to teach live, post videos or other links to support the students' learning. Teachers will be available to assist students during the students’ assigned periods.

Middle School/High School e-Learning Day Schedule


9:55 AM-

10:10 AM

Period 1

10:14 AM-

10:49:00 AM

Period 2

10:53 AM-

11:28:00 AM

Period 3

11:32 AM-

12:07:00 PM


12:07 PM-

12:39:00 PM

Period 4

12:43 PM-

1:18:00 PM

Period 5

1:22 PM -

1:57:00 PM

Period 6

2:01 PM -

2:36:00 PM

Period 7

2:40 PM -

3:15:00 PM

Students who are on an IEP or 504 Plan will be accommodated accordingly. Case managers will work with classroom teachers to deliver appropriate programming.

School districts are allowed a maximum of five (5) e-Learning days per school year, as per state law.

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