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Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted

2022 Community Survey FAQ


Exciting things are happening in the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District. Our communities are great places to live, work, and raise a family. People want to put down roots here. In fact, student enrollment grew more than 12 percent in the last 10 years. An enrollment study predicted more increases, and we are committed to improving and growing our “big school” academic and extracurricular options in our “small school” setting.


As we make plans for the future of schools, we need to hear from you, our taxpayers!


Why are you doing a survey?

Our growing enrollment and programs for students mean we are nearing capacity at the elementary level. Investments are also needed to expand our classrooms and courses to better prepare students for their path after high school, whether it’s college, technical school, the military, or the workforce. We need your input on plans that will address these challenges. Our schools and communities are tightly linked. Therefore, the Board of Education is committed to reflecting the priorities of our community members and taxpayers.


What’s on the survey?

This survey will gather your feedback on a potential levy (which is used for student programming and services) and a potential bond (which is used for major building projects).


How do I take the survey?

Households in the District are mailed a paper copy of the survey. You can fill out that copy and mail it directly back to School Perceptions using the business reply envelope included. The paper survey also includes a one-time-use online access code if you prefer to take the survey online.  


Is it confidential?

Yes. We are working with School Perceptions, an independent education research firm with experience in conducting this type of survey. All survey data is returned to them to ensure your confidentiality and privacy. School Perceptions has a privacy policy that you can access here.

Where can I get another code or paper copy of the survey for another person in my household?

To obtain an additional code or paper copy of the survey for another person in your household, you can either...

Email Marilyn Greeley, Superintendent Secretary, at 
Call 320-543-4646 and Press #1 to speak to Marilyn.

A paper copy can be mailed to you.

We will request your name and address for the mailing, or your email address for the code.

How long is the survey open?

The survey will close May 11, 2022.


Will I be able to see the survey’s results?

Final survey results will be publicly reported at the Board of Education meeting on June 13, 2022. The results will also be on this website once they are available.


How much will the potential levy cost me?


How much will the potential bond cost me?

We are committed to reflecting the priorities of our community and taxpayers. The cost of the project will depend on what feedback we hear from the survey.