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The Howard Lake-Waverly- Winsted ALP offers a credit recovery opportunity for students missing credits required for graduation from HLWW Public Schools. 

What is Credit Recovery?

Under this model, a student who has previously taken a course and didn’t receive a passing grade will take a diagnostic test to determine which portion of that course he/she still needs to meet proficiency to achieve credit in the course. Course work based upon this diagnostic test will be created. In addition to course work being created from the diagnostic test, the HLWW ALP staff and the initial course instructor will look at what work wasn’t completed in the initial failed course to determine what work still needs to be completed to achieve credit. 

Credit recovery requires both seat time and completion of a specific amount of work. Work that is completely finished with a passing grade of 60% or higher, along with a minimum of 30 hours of seat time will satisfy criteria for earning ½ credit.  All work must be done at HLWW ALP and be completed within the academic school year.

  • HLWW ALP Night School offers 22 core credit classes  and follows the HLWW High School calendar.
  • Classes are held at 720 9th Ave Howard Lake, MN 55349 (Old Middle School Location) Enter through Door D
  • Registration is on-going throughout the school year.
  • Expect to start classes one day after you have completed registration.
  • Expect to complete each course within the school year in which you begin the course.
  • Students attending night courses at HLWW ALP must report to class on time and report absences right away.
  • Night School Classes begin on the Monday after Semester 2 starts.
  • HLWW ALP Night School will NOT meet on days when day school is not in session (e.g. snow days, early releases for weather, holidays, breaks, etc.).
  • Night School Classes will end on the last Wednesday of the school year.

Classes offered

English 9                                  Civics                                Science 9                    Algebra 1                              Health

English 10                            Geography                           Biology                      Geometry                      Physical Education

English 11                            US History                          Chemistry                  Algebra II                             

English 12                         World History                                                          Pre-Calculus

                                             Economics                                                                  Calculus




To enroll in Credit Recovery, please contact

Emily Holm                                                                                                      Stephanie Dailey

HLWW High School Counselor                                                                     ALP Instructor

Email:                                                                   Email:

Phone: (320) 543-3900 ext. 4309                                                                 Phone: (320) 543-1122 ext. 8