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Earning Credits

At the ALP, students earn credits by completing assigned coursework and required seat hours. 

  • Students may earn a ½ credit by completing assigned coursework and accruing a minimum of 60 hours of seat time for a brand new class or a minimum of 30 hours in a credit recovery course.
  • Students may earn 1 credit by completing assigned coursework and accruing a minimum of 120 hours of seat time. 
  • Credits (½ or Full) will be awarded at the end of each semester and accrued hours will reset to zero at the start of the new semester. (e.g. If you earn 190 hours and complete 1.5 credits the ten hours left over will not carry over to the next semester)

Academic Achievement

The number of credits each student needs will vary, and are dependent on what they have earned previously, as well as on yearly grade level/graduation requirements. 

  • Students must earn 60% or higher receive credit. 
  • Students must complete 100% of the assigned coursework and accrue enough seat hours to earn credit for each class.
  • The number of credits earned per year will be awarded by Elayne Teorey, ALP Instructor, determined by successful completion of coursework and accrual of seat hours.

Seat Hour Accrual

Students may accrue seat hours between the hours of 7:32 a.m. and 2:36 p.m. on school days according to the Howard Lake-Waverly- Winsted Public Schools calender.  On occasion, the ALP may be closed, either half or whole day, as determined by administration.

  • Seat hours will accrue when students are actively working on coursework. 
  • 30 minutes a day are set-aside for lunch, students will not accrue seat hours during lunch.
  • Seat hours will not accrue when students are sleeping, sitting without coursework, or are observed to be engaged in any activity not related to assigned coursework.