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As a student at the ALP you are expected to maintain regular attendance according to the schedule agreed upon during your enrollment meeting. Maintaining a regular attendance schedule is important, as it enables you to make steady progress towards completing your education. It also allows the staff to provide services and support to all of the students at the ALP in an efficient and effective manner.


Students, and parents/guardians, are responsible to notify the ALP if absent. 

  • You may call the ALP at (320) 543-1122 ext. 8 or use the Remind communication system to notify us of an absence. 
  • Notifications must be done prior to the day of, or no later than 9:00 am the day of the absence. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.
  • Unexcused absences will be recorded and tracked.
  • Truancy issues will be reported to: administration, student social workers, probation officers, McLeod and Wright County Truancy officers and Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School. 

Students are expected to attend school at ALP daily. The ALP follows the same school year calendar as the Howard Lake-Waverly- Winsted High School please click the calendar link. 

Unacceptable Attendance and Failure to Notify Staff of Absences

If you miss scheduled meetings with ALP staff, do not maintain regular attendance, have excessive absences (excused and unexcused), fail to notify ALP staff of absences by the 10 am deadline, and/or leave for the day without signing-out with staff, you will be placed on a student contract and may warrant dismissal from the program. 

Students who are dismissed or withdrawn from the ALP program and wish to be re-admitted, will be required to schedule a re-entry meeting with Jason Mix- High School Principal, Emily Holm- High School Guidance Counselor and Elayne Teorey- ALP Instructor. 

For more information regarding student contract, dismissal from the ALP program and Re-admittance, please click the links at the top of this page.