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A committee reviews all applications and determines who is eligible for acceptance. When enrollment is full, eligible applicants are placed on a waiting list in order of high school credits. In other words, the student closest to graduation is given priority on the waiting list.

The HLWW ALP program offers educational opportunities for students in grades 9-12, and for students under the age of 21 years who meet eligibility requirements as set forth in MN Statute 124D.68 Graduation Incentives Program. 

To enroll in the HLWW ALP program, you must:

  • Contact the ALP by phone (320) 543-1122 ext. 8, email, or in-person at 720 9th Ave Howard Lake, MN 55349 to obtain enrollment papers and scheduled an enrollment meeting with the HLWW High School committee . 
  • Complete all necessary paperwork (Enrollment papers, Indicators of Need eligibility form, Attendance Agreement, Transportation form, Release for Records, Health form, Lunch Application, Open Lunch form (if applicable), and Continual Learning Plan).

Eligible and admitted students will be considered enrolled at the ALP upon successful completion of the above listed steps and having been in attendance at the ALP for one school day.