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Testing & Assessment

The Minnesota Department of Education has the MN Report Card available to view district information and assessment data.

MCA Testing and ACCESS Testing

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) in mathematics, reading, and science are used to measure whether students and their school and district, are meeting the academic standards. Statewide assessments are one measure of how well students are doing on the content that is part of their daily instruction. It is also a measure of how well schools and districts are doing in aligning their curriculum and teaching the standards.

Is it important to participate?

YES!  The MCA is just one measure of your student’s achievement, but your student’s participation is important to understand how effectively the education at your student’s school is aligned to the academic standards. Educators and policy makers use information from assessments to make decisions about resources and support provided.   

A school’s accountability calculation will be negatively impacted if fewer than 96% of the students participate.

If you wish to not have your student participate in the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments or ACCESS for EL, please fill out the required form. This form must be completed in order for your child to be excused from the test. The form must be completed and sent to Kelli Westling, District Assessment Coordinator.  The form must be received up to 48 hours before the designated test date.  Forms can be emailed to or sent to P.O. Box 160, Winsted MN 55395. Forms not received by the deadline cannot be honored.