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Food Service

State funds help to pay for reduced-price school meals, so all students who are approved for either free or reduced-price school meals will receive school meals at no charge. State funds also help to pay for breakfasts for kindergarten students, so all participating kindergarten students receive breakfasts at no charge.


Low Balances (accounts must have a positive balance if purchasing extra milk, extra entrees and/or other a la carte items)

NO PAPER NOTICE WILL BE SENT HOME.   If you would like to receive low balance notifications via email, you may sign up to do so through the online payment system.

If you would like to access your account online, **FIRST TIME USERS WILL NEED A KEY CODE**

If you have not received your key code, please contact Michelle Johnsonf you would like to order meals for students to take home for hybrid/distance learning days click 

For assistance please contact:

Michelle Johnson

Meal Costs
Lunch K-4: $2.50 
Lunch 5-12: $2.75 
Adults/Guests lunch: $5.00
Extra Milk: 50 cents
Extra entrée: $2.00
Breakfast 1-12: $1.50 (Kindergarten free)
**Meals are free if you qualify for free OR reduced