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Learning Tools And Resources

This site has a little bit of everything at every learning level!


News pictures of the day. Go to the site, click on "in pictures" ( I would preview the picture first to ensure it is appropriate, this is not screened for kids first). Students can describe what they see in the photos. Great way to talk about and explain detail and perception.

CNN Student News

Daily, student-friendly newscasts that students can watch and learn about the hot news topics.

Front Rowed

This is a site that students can practice their math facts.

Go Go News

Kid friendly news articles.

Greg Tang Math

A site that contains math games for students to play and to practice math facts.

Moby Max

This is a site that students can use to practice basic math and reading facts.

National Geographic Kids

A site for natural, geographic news. The articles on this site are better suited for our grades 3 and 4 students.


Students were provided a login from some teachers. This site contains e-books for students to practice their reading.

Spelling City

Students can use this site to practice and play games with their weekly spelling lists.


A site that students can work on phonics, reading, telling time and basic math skills.

Teaching Kids News

Kid friendly news articles.

Time For Kids

A student-friendly news site powered by Time magazine.

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