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Study Skills

Knowing how to study is key to student success in schoolwork. Take a look at the following tips, and see if any of them will help you in your studies:

The best way to ensure that you will do well in class is to BE THERE, consistently, all hour.

2)  Understand the teacher.
Find out your teacher's testing format, marking scheme and expectations.  Then work to meet the teacher's standards.

3)  Set specific times to study.
Set a time when you will review your notes, so you set a consistent good habit.

4)  Study in the same place.
Your mind will automatically "kick into gear" when you faithfully return to the same place to study each day.

5)  Have short but often study periods.
Frequent repetition is key to building your memory of material.

6)  Set goals to accomplish in each subject.
If you set a goal, you are more likely to accomplish more of it and faster.

7)  Start assignments as soon as they are given.
If you spread the workload out, your results will be better.

8)  Study your most difficult subjects first.
You are most aware when you first sit down to study, so that is the time to hit the hardest subjects.  If you get the worst things out of the way, you won't be tempted to carry on too long on the easy stuff.

9)  REVIEW!!!
Taking good notes (using Cornell or T notes works well) and reviewing them is the main secret to understanding the subject.  The best way to review is to read the information out loud.  If you review at regular intervals, you will retain up to 80% in your long term memory.  (Great help for quizzes, tests, and finals.)

10)  Reward yourself.
Reward yourself when you reach your study goals - a short break, a snack, a phone call/text, etc.).  Rewards give you the incentive to meet the next goal.

If you don't finish it, it will pile up.  The more it piles up, the harder it is to catch up.  Finishing it also gives you the confidence that you can finish what you start.