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MAIL REGISTRATION FORM TO: Community Education District 2687, P. O. Box 708, Howard Lake, MN 55349.




REGISTER IN PERSON AT: HLWW Community Education office located in the HLWW Middle School in Howard Lake.

Payment: Please include the fee with registration. No registration is complete until the fee is received. Registrations are confirmed by your payment of fees on a first-come, first-served basis. You will not receive confirmation of your class. Register early to ensure a place in the class.

Make checks payable to District 2687. Checks will be cashed upon receipt.

HLWW ISD 2687 Gladly Accepts Your Check… However, please be aware that in the unlikely event your check is returned, your check may be collected electronically along with the state allowed fee. We have partnered with E-CAP (Electronic Check Alliance Processing) who converts the paper check into an electronic transaction through the Federal Reserve banking system, then debits the check writer’s account for the face amount of the check plus the authorized state allowed fee.

Canceled Activities: If a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, we will notify you and a refund will be made. Unless you are notified, you should meet at the time and place listed.

Debit/Credit Cards accepted: Community Education is accepting payments by Debit/Credit Cards with VISA and MasterCard logos. You can still pay with cash or check for Community Education sponsored activities.

Mail-in Payments: Include information with your registration form.

Over-the Phone Payments: You may simply call Community Education to use your debit/credit card to make your payment for Community Education sponsored activities.

In-Person Payments: Community Education will accept debit/credit cards in person at the office in Howard Lake.

Pre-Authorized Payments: Monthly fees/tuition can automatically be processed to a debit/credit card.

Refunds: No refunds will be made after the first class session or after the registration deadline for trips unless a replacement can be found.