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Early Childhood Screening is for All 3 to 4-Year-Olds

The state of Minnesota requires that all preschool children need to be screened before entering Kindergarten.HLWW conducts screenings for families with preschool children throughout the school year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is screening important? Screening helps identify children who may benefit from early childhood services before they enter school and connects them with the appropriate resources and programs. If your child has already been screened, he/she does not need to be screened again.
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Follow Along Program

Babies and young children grow and learn at their own rate. Some children need special help to grow up healthy and learn skills such as sitting, walking, or talking. If this is true for your child, the Follow Along Program can help you.

The Follow Along Program is:

A good way to learn about your child’s health and development
A fun way to get ideas about “what to teach” and “at what age” to teach it

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Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow is an interagency initiative of the State of Minnesota (Departments of Education, Health and Human Services) partnering with local service agencies to provide resources about the development of young children for parents and professionals.
These resources include information on developmental milestones, YouTube videos, caregiver strategies to support development, screening, and evaluation, and how to talk about developmental concerns.

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Macaroni Kid

Macaroni Kid is a great free local source for events for families and kids in the area.

McLeod County Immunizations

Immunizations may be given by appointment, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 pm, to individuals of all ages. Please call, 320-864-3185 or 320-395-2568, to schedule an appointment. A record of all previous immunizations is required. There is a fee for immunizations. Please ask for fee information when calling. The immunization program is designed to serve low-income individuals and families, or others without medical coverage for immunizations.

Parents Forever

This parent education program educates parents about: positive communication techniques; the impact the divorce, the restructuring of families, and judicial proceedings have upon children and families; methods for preventing parenting time conflicts; dispute resolution options and child custody issues.

The program encourages parents to always place the best interests of the children above what they may perceive as their own “rights”. Call the Wright County Extension Office at 763-295-4302 for information...More Information

Wright County WOW Van

      The Wellness on Wheels, or WOW van, is a mobile clinic staffed by Registered Nurses (RNs). RNs provide teaching, guidance, support, and the screening and immunization services.

      Services provided include: immunizations for adults and children; health and wellness screening (blood pressure, cholesterol*, diabetes, pregnancy testing, hemoglobin, lead, Mantoux test), car seat checks*, and fluoride treatment (*appointment needed). Available information about health concerns, safety, child development, pregnancy, family planning, and community services. Bring immunization records with you.
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