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Opening Doors (For Adults With Disabilities)
School buildings where Opening Doors classes are held:
  • Becker High School - 12000 Hancock Street
  • Big Lake High School - 501 Minnesota Avenue
  • Independence Elementary School - 701 Minnesota Avenue, Big Lake
  • Buffalo Middle School - 1300 Highway 25 North
  • Discovery Center - 301 2nd Avenue NE, Buffalo
  • Monticello Middle School - 800 E. Broadway
  • Little Mountain Elementary School - 9350 Fallon Avenue, Monticello
  • HLWW Middle School - 801 8th Ave, Howard Lake
  • HLWW High School - 8700 County Road 6 SW, Howard Lake

Community Education Classes, Services, and Opportunities for Adults with Disabilities

What is Opening Doors?
      The Opening Doors Program is part of the Adults with Disabilities Program offered by a group of Community Education departments in the area. The Opening Doors Program encompasses the school districts of Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose, Big Lake, Becker, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, and Monticello.
      Specialized classes and activities offer educational, social, life skills, and recreational learning opportunities for any adult with a disability. Individuals attending Opening Doors activities come from all or parts of Wright, Sherburne, McLeod, Carver, and Hennepin Counties.
      Opening Doors produces a new catalog three times per year and includes a variety of activities and outings. The most popular activities include dances, bingo, trips, and numerous special events.
      To request a catalog, or learn more information about the Opening Doors Program please call the program office in Buffalo at 763-682-8770. Information is also available online at