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Enrollment and Back To School Information

Welcome to Howard Lake - Waverly - Winsted Public Schools.  We are excited that you are registering. 
At the right, you will find some documents to assist you with the enrollment/registration of your student.
If you have any questions, please contact the District Office (320) 543-4646.
Please note during the months of July and August, return your student's completed forms to the District Office, C/O Enrollment, PO Box 708, Howard Lake, MN  55349; or you may drop them off at the District Office Monday thru Thursday between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm; we are located at 8700 County Road 6 SW, Howard Lake, MN.
 New Enrollment/Registration Forms

Welcome Letter

Preschool Enrollment/Registration Information

Humphrey Elementary Enrollment/Registration Packet (Grades K-4)

Winsted Elementary Enrollment/Registration Packet (Grades K-4)

Middle School Enrollment/Registration & Forms (Grades 5-8)

High School Enrollment/Registration & Forms (Grades 9-12)

 Back To School

2022-23 Back to School Packet

2022-23 Elementary Supply List

2022-23 Middle School Supply List

2022-23 High School Supply List

K-12 Education Subtraction & Credit

Immunization Requirements