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World's Best Workforce
Overview of HLWW's WBWF Plan
In accordance with 2013 Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.11, a school board, at a public meeting, shall adopt a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning that is aligned with creating the world's best workforce. Minnesota schools strive to provide the best educational opportunities for all children. Providing an education to Minnesota youth that leads to creating the world’s best workforce is a goal that must be addressed early on in every child’s life. Students are more likely to reach this goal if they are ready for school upon entering kindergarten; achieve grade-level literacy by grade three; graduate from high school and attain career and college readiness.

District Staff Development
The purpose of Staff Development is to enhance the profession of all employees in the district so that our mission can be realized. Our district philosophy of professional development is grounded in knowing that our efforts to increase the learning of all students and close the achievement gap require effective professional/staff development.

WBWF Timeline

Teacher Mentorship Program
HLWW Public Schools looks to hire and retain the best teachers. On-going mentorship and guidance to new teachers is key to this process and belief.

Assessment Plan
HLWW's District Assessment Plan encompasses all the local and state-required assessments, as well as a review of the previous year's student performance data.

District Improvement Plan (DIP)
On an annual basis, the HLWW School District reviews progress toward student achievement goals and benchmarks. Along with this process, considerations about staff development and curriculum are reviewed and researched.

College and Career Readiness Planning
It is the goal of HLWW Public Schools, to implement courses, curriculum, and teaching practices that will prepare students for college and career paths. As part of the educational process, schools must also expose and guide students throughout the process of choosing a college or career path.

Ramp up to Readiness
This program offered through the University of Minnesota, is being used by HLWW High School to help students prepare for and explore college and career opportunities.

HLWW Teacher Evaluation Plan
HLWW's Teacher Evaluation Plan is based on uses of Robert Marzano's Causal Teacher Evaluation Model. An ongoing process of evaluation for HLWW Teachers is comprised of an evaluation by the Principal, peer reviews, and student assessment data.

HLWW Principal Evaluation Plan
HLWW's Principal Evaluation Plan is based upon the use of Robert Marzano's Leadership Framework. An ongoing process of evaluation for HLWW Principals is comprised of an evaluation by the Superintendent, staff feedback, and student assessment data.

Elementary Literacy Plan
The HLWW School District will develop proficient readers who have positive attitudes and habits about reading, are fluent enough to focus on understanding what they read, use their word knowledge to understand what they read, develop an understanding of what they read by extending, elaborating, and evaluating the meaning of the text and can read a variety of texts for a variety of purposes. Our literacy program strives to have all students achieve at or above grade level and become lifelong, independent readers. HLWW Public Schools believes in interventions and advancing the performance of all students to improve literacy and ensure that all students read at least at grade level.

Title I Programming
Title I is a compensatory education program for elementary and secondary school children in both public and non-public schools. For 30 years, it has provided supplemental services, mainly in the areas of reading and mathematics, to students experiencing difficulties in those academic areas. It is the largest and one of the most successful federal elementary and secondary education programs in the history of the United States. Over 145 million children nationwide have enjoyed the improved academic performance as a result of services provided by Title I programs. It is not a Special Education program. This program helps assure that learners have the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to meet the high standards expected of all students.

Curriculum Review Cycle
Each year the HLWW School District reviews curriculum through an on-going process and cycle. Part of this review is the approval of the DCAC and School Board.

Alternative Teacher Professional Pay System Report (ATPPS)
Q-Comp annual report

Advisory Committee 2018-19

2019-20 Annual Report on Progress to MDE
Attached is our annual report of progress made to the Minnesota Department of Education.

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