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E-Learning Day Plan Updated - 12/17/2021

The HLWW School Board approved the following changes to our E-Learning Day plan for 2021-22:

- Attendance for MS/HS students on E Learning Days will be taken during an advisory period, which has been added to the schedule for an E-Learning Day.  See the E-Learning Day Plan for a detailed schedule for MS/HS students.

- For the FIRST inclement weather day when it is determined school needs to be closed, students will have a “snow day” and no
E- Learning Day will be implemented.  The first snow day will not be made up.

* * * * * 

2021-22 Calendar Change –

For the 2021-22 school calendar (this year), the HLWW School Board approved shortening the school year by one day as part of the negotiations of our teacher contract.

As a result, the last week of school May 31-June 2 will be shortened by one day, so the last day of school will now be June 1, 2022 (and that last day will be an early release schedule).

* * * * *

HLWW COVID-19 Data –  
Here is our COVID-19 information for 1/7/2021

            - Weekly County Reported New Cases by Zip Code (3 zip code total – HL, Wav, Win) – 18

            - HLWW PreK-12 Students

                        POS – 14

                        DTI – 3

                        DTQ – 35

            - HLWW PreK-12 Staff

                        POS – 6

                        DTI – 1

                        DTQ – 1


            POS – positive active cases

            DTI – due to illness – specific to COVID-19 symptoms

            DTQ – due to quarantine – specific to households or parent choice due to a close contact

NOTE: More than ½ of the cases for students and staff this week are students and staff that were not in school this week because the positive case happened over the winter break.


Updates/Changes from CDC on Quarantines

MDH is in the process of updating its COVID protocols and criteria based on the changes proposed by the CDC.  Once they do that, we will review the latest guidance and look at possible changes to our protocols.  Stay tuned and PLEASE be patient and kind to our health office staff.  They are only doing their jobs and what is asked of them.  Thank you.


Masking on Transportation Continues

The CDC has extended the mask requirement on transportation through March 18.  We continue to ask students to follow this requirement.  We have passed out many disposable masks in the first half of the school year to assist with compliance, and we ask that everyone help by bringing their own mask.


With the latest variant spread (Omicron) and the continued spread of Delta, it is important that we continue to do what we can to be diligent.  Schools have continued to show to be the best place for our children to be.  Let’s all do our part to keep that going.

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