Work Seminar

Work Seminar Syllabus and Outline

Work Exp. Syllabus and Course Outline

Teacher: Britta Barth
Ph.#320-543-4600 x4139

First Semester

Job Seeking Skills
*Program Orientation/Expectation/Contract
*Exploring Career/Career Research
*Finding Job Openings/Using Resources
*Filling out Applications
*Creating a Resume’
*Interviewing Skills

Rules and Regulations
*Attitude/ Expectations
*Labor Laws
*Getting Along with Co-Workers
*Employee Rights
*Promotions/Raises/Leaving a Job

Second Semester

Knowing Yourself
*Disability Awareness
*Personality Traits
*Decision Making Skills

Real Life Lessons
*Vehicle Ownership
*Income Taxes
*Home Seeking/Apt. Rental
*Healthy Choices