September Students of the Month--RESPECT FOR SELF AND OTHERS/Self Discipline

Kindergarten - Mrs. Heuer
Lexy Foss is the student of the month in Mrs. Heuer’s Kindergarten classroom. Lexy has started off the school year in a very positive way! She comes to school with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. She treats everyone with respect and does her best to follow our classroom and school rules. She is polite and caring and has a wonderful attitude about school! Keep up the great work! Congratulations, Lexy!

Kindergarten - Mrs. Stifter
From the first day of school, I have been pleasantly impressed with the great level of respect that Annie Gagner has shown in Kindergarten.  Annie comes to school every morning ready and eager to learn and participate.  Her respectfulness and overall positive attitude plays an important role in our classroom as she constantly sets a great example for her peers.  I cannot wait to see how she will excel as a Kindergartner this year.  Keep up the great work, Annie!

First Grade - Mrs. Ohlemacher-Lonetti
Beginning right away on the first day of school, Heidi Nino-Espitia came into our classroom with a big smile on her face telling me she was ready to have a great day!  She has shown wonderful "I can be a friend" skills by helping this "new" teacher feel welcome.  She has been appreciative of any new school supplies as they are handed out to her, and says "thank you!" Because of her caring attitude, she deserves to be our Student of the Month.  Thank you, Heidi!

First Grade - Mrs. Pavlenko
I would like to recognize Lily Mielke as my Student of the Month for September.  Lily is always respectful to her classmates and teachers, greeting them in the morning in a friendly voice, and giving gentle high fives to them at the end of the day. Lily is a great listener, keeps her desk, locker, and unfinished work folder clean, reminds classmates to do their best and work quietly, and always keeps her hands and feet to herself, staying inside her own workspace.  She has been an wonderful example and an awesome 1st grader so far!  Keep up the great work, Lily!   

Second Grade - Mrs. Neumann
Hale Kuznia is a second grade student in Mrs. Neumann’s room who deserves to be recognized as the September student of the month.  Mrs. Neumann knew that when Hale walked into the classroom on the first day of school he was ready to learn.  Every morning this young man walks into the room happy, organized, and ready to get down to business.  He has a positive attitude towards school and puts forth his best effort into his school work.  Hale has great manners, is very kind and always willing to help a friend.  He treats his classmates and adults with respect.  Thank you goes to Hale for sharing his greatness and demonstrating his wonderful citizenship qualities.

Second Grade - Mrs. Sanken
September’s theme of RESPECT and SELF-DISCIPLINE is shown by Makenna Lee in many different situations.  She is not only polite, but has the maturity to know that “mistakes make my brain grow”.  I have noticed that she is kind to everyone around her and shows courteous manners in the lunchroom and playground. Makenna is off to a SUPER start and will have a happy and successful year in second grade! I am proud to name Makenna as student of the month for September!

Third Grade - Mr. Krzmarzick
Our student of the month is Leland Pace.  Leland has started this year off great.  Leland has been a hard worker and a good listener in class.  Leland has been respectful of his classmates and other adults too.  He has been a fine example to his classmates.  Keep doing your best!  You have been a friend to all!

Third Grade - Mrs. LaMott
Congratulations to Autum Schoenfeld for being selected student of the month from Mrs. LaMott's classroom!  Autum comes to school each day ready to learn and work hard.  She has the best smile and loves to share it with others.  Autum is polite to her classmates and her teachers.  She is a good listener and knows how to treat others with respect.  Congratulations Autum and keep up the good work!   

Fourth Grade - Mrs. Gallagher
Jose Gil Gutierrez has been chosen as the September Student of the Month for Mrs. Gallagher’s class.  Jose shows great respect for all those around him. He greets grown-ups and classmates in a friendly way and is polite when he meets friends of all ages on the playground. He is consistent about saying please and thank you. He shows self-discipline in the classroom by raising his hand if he has something to ask or share. Jose also does a nice job working quietly, in one place, during independent work time and read-to-self time.  We are so thankful to have Jose in our classroom! Way to go Jose!

Fourth Grade - Mr. Goudy
Braxton Guenigsman is my student of the month.  Braxton has done a great job getting accustomed to 4th grade life over the past few weeks.  He has showed responsibility, a willing to participate, and self control when it is needed.  Braxton has also been very polite to his classmates and staff members in the building.  Although he is quiet in nature, he seems to be opening up a bit more as the first few weeks are behind us.  He is off to a fantastic start and I am excited to see it continue.  Congrats!