October Students of the Month – Cooperation

Kindergarten - Mrs. Heuer
Alex Williams is the Student of the Month in Mrs. Heuer’s kindergarten class. Alex uses kind words and manners when talking to other people. He is respectful of people and of the things in our classroom. He makes sure that he cleans up after himself and also helps his friends to make sure that everything is in order in our room. He gets his work done without interruptions and tries his hardest at things that may be difficult. Alex cooperates with his peers in learning and play activities so that we can all be successful together! He works hard to be the very best he can possibly be! Congratulations, Alex!

Kindergarten - Mrs. Stifter
Everything we do in Kindergarten requires so much cooperation.  In our class, Orrin Muonio is a student who constantly shows this character trait.  He always works well with his peers, uses his best manners and kindest words.  I can always rely on Orrin to make great choices and be a leader in our classroom.  I know that he will always strive to set a good example for those around him, and will shine in all that he does.  Nice job, Orrin!  Keep up the great work!

Grade One - Mrs. Ohlemacher-Lonetti
During the last few weeks, Adrienna Nygren has been asked to assist other students in our classroom and her response is always an immediate, "Yes!"  It is this kind of respect for others that 1st graders work to excel at every day!  Enna continues to be a good listener and show good behavior during presentations.  Thank you, Enna, for showing others how to be a great 1st grader!

Grade One - Mrs. Pavlenko
I would like to nominate Trystan Hoshaw for my October Student of the Month.  Trystan is a great friend and a terrific team player.  He does a fine job of selecting a partner and working cooperatively, whether it's working on Read to Someone during Reading time, completing a paper together during Math Block, or sitting with a younger friend on the bus.  Trystan knows that cooperating means lending a helping hand if someone needs it. He is also someone that leads by example.  His peers and I would like to recognize Trystan for a job well done.  Way to work hard, Trystan!  Super job!

Grade Two - Mrs. Neumann
The citizenship theme for the month of October is Cooperation.  Kayley Stiles is a student that demonstrates quality citizenship in the classroom, the hallway, the lunchroom, and on the playground.   She is very well mannered and always treats others with kindness and respect.  This young lady knows when to say, “Excuse me,” “Pardon me,” or “I’m sorry.”  Kayley’s consistent courteous behavior helps her to make the right choices to always do what is best!  We are so happy to have this second grader as a student at Winsted Elementary. Congratulations go to Kayley Stiles!

Grade Two - Mrs. Sanken
October’s theme of COOPERATION is shown by Zachary Thompson in many different situations.  He is not only polite and has good manners, but has the maturity to say congratulations to others when they win or receive something. I have noticed that he is kind to everyone around him and cooperates with classmates and adults. I know Zachary will have a happy and successful year in Second grade! I am proud to name Zachary as student of the month for October! 

Grade Three - Mr. Krzmarzick
Our October student of the month is Riley Langenfeld.  Riley has been a well behaved student from day one.  He has been very kind to his teachers and classmates.  Riley is always willing to help.  He is a friend to all.  Riley comes to school with a great attitude.  His classmates consider Riley their friend. 

Grade Three - Mrs. LaMott
Congratulations to Rykel Krzmarzick for being selected student of the month from Mrs. LaMott's classroom!  Rykel is very well mannered and always treats others with kindness and respect.  She knows when to say "Excuse me," "Pardon me," or "I'm sorry."  Rykel's courteous behavior sets an excellent example for her peers and the other students at Winsted Elementary.  She makes good choices and takes care of her belongings.  Congratulations Rykel and keep up the good work! 

Grade Four - Mrs. Gallagher
Raydon Graham has been selected as student of the month for Mrs. Gallagher’s 4th grade for cooperation.  Raydon shows cooperation when he works together with others. He shares equally in responsibilities when he works in a group or with a partner. Raydon also is a good helper on the playing field! He has good sportsmanship and helps others learn the rules of the game. He is willing to hold doors open and is always ready to help a friend in need. Raydon takes care of his belongings and respects what belongs to others.  Thank you Raydon for showing cooperation and being an important part of our fourth grade class! 

Grade Four - Mr. Goudy
My student of the month for October is Janelle Lopez-Navarro.  Janelle is a well respected by her classmates and teachers.  She is a fantastic listener, is positive, and has good working habits which helps her be a great partner to work with.  She has an attitude that many are envious of.  I can count on her to follow through with the directions that she is given and to carry out the task.  I see her positively interacting with other peers during fitness break and lunchtime.  She is very deserving of this award!