November Students of the Month – Responsibility/Healthy Drug Free Lifestyle

Kindergarten - Mrs. Heuer
Clayton Birkholz is the student of the month in Mrs. Heuer's kindergarten class. Clayton is very responsible in our classroom. He listens to the teachers and follows directions to get his work done. He tries his hardest to do his best work and tries to get it done on time. He shows respect by being kind to others, helping his classmates when needed and he takes care of his supplies in the classroom.  Clayton tries to do what is right and makes good choices for himself. He always has a positive outlook and a grateful attitude which is shared with us all...and we appreciate it! Congratulations, Clayton!

Kindergarten - Mrs. Stifter
Evelyn Dahlman is the kind of student every teacher would be lucky to have.  Her positive attitude and joyful heart can put a smile on anybody's face!  She is almost always on task and makes great choices.  However, on the few occasions that she isn't, she is quick to accept responsibility for her actions, and take any steps she needs to in order to fix it.  Her self-awareness shows great maturity and focus. Keep up the fantastic work Evelyn!

Grade One - Mrs. Ohlemacher-Lonetti
My November Student of the Month  is Jacob Reinke. Throughout the month of November we have been focusing on responsibility and behaving in a positive way in our classroom.  Jacob is always thankful for the things he receives in and out of the classroom.  When birthday treats are handed out, I can hear his voice saying "Thank You!"  Thank you, Jacob, for being a great example of a first grader who respects others.

Grade One - Mrs. Pavlenko
I would like to recognize Daniela Gonzalez-Espitia as my November Student of the Month.  Daniela is wonderful at showing responsibility, whether it is through completing her work, keeping her materials organized and in their right spots, or paying attention during instruction.  She also shows how responsible she is by helping her peers if they have a question or are struggling, if anyone needs help cleaning up or getting organized, and helping her teachers by going above and beyond what is expected.  Daniela begins each day, ready for class, and ends each day ready to go home and share all that she has learned.  She is dependable, and can be trusted to do whatever is necessary, whether it is helping a friend clean up their spilled crayon box or snack, or organizing our free choice area and our classroom lost and found.  She shows how responsible she is by leading by example, which is why I would like to give Daniela a shout out on a job well done!  

Grade Two - Mrs. Neuman
One of the citizenship themes for November is responsibility.  Carson Remer has been chosen for our second grade student of the month.  This young man demonstrates daily, of what it means to be a responsible student at Winsted Elementary.  You can always count on Carson to show the others how to come into the classroom and get ready for the day.  Carson follows directions well and pays attention in class.  He has high expectations for himself and works hard to achieve them.  His work is always completed neatly and accurately. He is a very kind and caring individual that always listens to others with respect and attention.  In the classroom you will see him going out of his way to help someone who may need it.  We are so happy to have such a responsible student and friend here at Winsted Elementary.   Congratulations Carson!

Grade Two - Mrs. Sanken
November’s theme of RESPONSIBILITY is shown by Kylie Johnson in many different situations. She is responsible by handing in homework on time, doing the Amazing Spelling words, having something special ready for Show & Tell and making her AR goal. I have noticed that Kylie helps others without being asked and always has a kind word to say about her classmates. I know Kylie will have a happy and successful year in second grade! I am proud to name Kylie as Student of the Month for November!

Grade Three - Mr. Krzmarzick
Our November Student of the Month is Josie Karels.  Josie has been a nice role model to her classmates.  Josie is always willing to help classmates and teachers in need.  Josie shows great enthusiasm towards learning new things.  Josie loves to read and shares her knowledge with her classmates.  Thanks for being a great role model to your classmates.

Grade Three - Mrs. LaMott
Congratulations to Ben Gatz for being selected Student of the Month from Mrs. LaMott's classroom!  Ben is a very kind and caring individual.  He always listens to others with respect and attention.  You can count on Ben to do the right thing and remind others as well.  He is a great friend and is very welcoming to our new students at Winsted Elementary School.  Ben will go out of his way to help a friend or say something nice.  Congratulations Ben and keep up the good work!

Grade Four - Mrs. Gallagher
Ava Mochinski has been selected as November Student of the Month for Mrs. Gallagher’s fourth grade for being a responsible student.  Ava is a role model for her peers. She is organized, punctual and respectful. She participates regularly in class, and always demonstrates a positive attitude. Ava maintains good grades by filling out her planner, communicating with her parents and teachers, and turning in her work on time. She works well with her peers and sets positive examples for them by making positive choices.  Thank you Ava for being such a responsible student and being an important part of our class!

Grade Four - Mr. Goudy
My Student of the Month for November is Ava Fiecke.  Ava brings such positive vibes to our classroom everyday.  She is very bubbly and happy to be here.  She consistently gets her work done on time as well as any responsibilities she has.  She is great to work in a group with and loves to participate.   I feel very comfortable giving her tasks outside of her regular duties.  I am looking forward to watching her grow from a leadership standpoint this year.  Congrats Ava!