Welcome to my class!

Welcome to my classroom.  I will be teaching 6th Grade Science and Reading. I have been teaching in the HLWW school district for 31 years and look forward to another great year in 6th grade. 

In our reading classes this year we are implementing the Benchmark Reading curriculum. Students will be doing lots and lots of reading from articles in our new curriculum and also novels chosen by the students. We will continue to focus on strategies that are needed to become lifelong readers and learners. We have many new titles available for students to dive into and enjoy!

In Science class
, we are using  the Pearson Interactive Science program.   6th Grade specifically studies Physical Science.  We have four main topics to cover:  Chemistry, Force and Motion, Science and Technology, and Sound and Light. We will also cover some Health curriculum.  During health class, we will cover topics on self esteem, family life, and chemical awareness.

Each week during science class we will have several lab activities. These activities are intended to support and enhance the students understanding of the standards taught for each chapter. Lab experiences are a lot of fun and students will be given specific instructions on how to use the equipment and other materials for each experiment. Lab equipment must be handled carefully and appropriately.

Missed Labs-  Students who may be absent during a Lab activity may make up the lab during recess, study hall, before or after school.  Students must arrange times with me when to make up any missing labs.

Materials expected each day for science class are a textbook, (which looks like a workbook), notebook, folder, pencil and pen. For reading, students need a folder, notebook, pen and pencil.



Pat Weseloh

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