Welcome to my class!

My name is Bernice Pehl and I am the Title One Teacher for Winsted Elementary and Holy Trinity Schools.  You may be wondering what a Title One teacher is and what her responsibilities are.  I will tell you.  

Title One is a federally funded program developed by the government to help children who are not at grade level in Reading and/or Mathematics.  The program is funded based on the number of free and reduced lunch applications each district receives per year.  Here in our district that money is used to provide high quality teachers at the kindergarten through fourth grade level.  Each year the students are screened using an online screener and/or a one on one test in both reading and math.  Once all the data is collected we see which students would benefit the most for this year and offer our services to them.  The students then receive an extra lesson in reading and/or math during the day.  We closely monitor their progress and modify the lessons as necessary to help our students bridge the gap.

Now you might like to know a little about me.  I have lived with my family in the Howard Lake area for a little over twenty five years.  I have been married thirty three years to my husband Joe.  We have four children; Josh, Jacob, Gwen, and Andrew.  As of this year we are officially empty nesters since our last child went off to college this fall. Our two oldest boys are finished with college, have gotten married and have each got two children. So that means we are grandparents of three girls and one boy. Our two youngest children are living on their own and attending college in the Twin Cities area. 

My husband and I love to spend as much time as we can with our children and grandchildren.  We love to garden, sit around campfires, and find new interesting places to visit and learn about.  

My teaching experience includes ten years in the parochial school setting teaching students from grades one through four along with fifteen years teaching the Title One program here at HLWW.  

I got my Bachelor's Degree in Education and my Master's Degree in Differentiated Instruction from Concordia University in St. Paul.  Since I have been a Title One teacher in this district for the last fifteen years, I have seen there is so much more to learn to reach every child.  That is why I chose Differentiated Instruction for my Master's Degree  I want to know how to reach every child and teach to them the way they learn. Last year I was able to go to a week long training learning the Orton-Gillingham method.  It has taken my students to a new level.  I look forward to being able to use this the whole year this year.

If you look at my other pages, you can find my schedule for the day along with some links or articles that you might find helpful as together we teach your child to be ready to be the next generation of leaders of this country.



Contact Info.

           320-543-4690 Ext. 1135