Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to fourth grade! I am so excited to be starting my fourth year in Winsted as a fourth grade teacher! I taught two years at Humphrey Elementary as a Reading Extension teacher before coming to Winsted.

My husband and I live North of Hutchinson with our two pets. Trixie is our rescue dog - a long-haired mini-Dachshund. Me-U is a domestic short-hair cat. Our kids are all grown up now. I love to do family things, go for walks or bike-rides and spend time in the boat!

We are going to have a great year! My class will have library on TUESDAYS . Students will alternate days for Physical Education and Music. Please bring appropriate footwear for Phy.Ed. We'll start the year with Social Studies. Each quarter, our classes will switch. Mr. Goudy will teach Science.

MATH: As it becomes available, I will send home information about how students can access their math book from home. Most math will be done at school, but please continue to practice multiplication facts.

READING: Remember to read at least 20 minutes every night! This year, we want to build our stamina by at least 10 minutes per student. How long can your child read before they begin to get distracted and move about? Remember that it's important to ask them questions about what they are reading. Please contact me if you'd like to talk more about this! (Conferences are coming up in October!)

SPELLING:  As discussed at the open house, spelling is something students are able to practice at home. We test on THURSDAYS and I pass out the words for the next week. We take a PRETEST on FRIDAY. Each week, I ask for their words -- times three-- for any words they missed on their pretest. As we begin the year, I will introduce some activities for students to practice spelling and then by the 2nd quarter, they will be able to choose their own favorite way to practice. These activities could be include cursive, using bubble letters, letters with dots, rainbow letters, sentences, stories, comic strips, text messages etc.  Students may also choose to use www.spellingcity.com (search for Winsted Elementary and select Mrs. Gallagher)

Check back often for updates!


Mrs. Leann Gallagher

 Phone: (320) 543-4690
Please leave messages at the office if there are any changes to transportation or if a student is sick.