Welcome to my class!


Welcome to the new school year! I currently teach American Government, Sociology, Economics, United States History, and am the Head Baseball coach at HLWW. 

A little about myself: I graduated from Lester Prairie High School in 2000 and attended Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato on a baseball scholarship. I graduated there with an Associates of Art degree in 2002 and continued my education at Minnesota State University, Mankato graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2005. In my spare time I love playing baseball and hanging out with my family. (My wife Kirsten is in the picture with me.)

Let's have a fun and successful year!


1st Hour: Prep

2nd Hour: Study Hall

3rd Hour: Economics  

4th Hour: Economics

5th Hour: Economics 


6th Hour: U.S. History

7th Hour: U.S. History


Cullen Schultz