Welcome to my class!

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year.  I teach World History to juniors, US History to sophomores as well as elective courses of World War II and Modern American History.  I love history and anything associated with history.  My passion is that the students in my classes will gain an understanding of the impact our past has on our present, and that all of my students become informed, engaged and productive citizens of the world.  Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or comments.

Mr. Montgomery's Daily Schedule

1st Hour:  (7:55 - 8:44)  U.S. History

2nd Hour: (8:48 - 9:37) U.S. History

3rd Hour: (9:51 - 10:40) PREP

4th Hour: (10:44 - 11:33) World History

5th Hour: (11:37 - 12:26) Modern History

6th Hour: (1:04 - 1:53) World History

7th Hour: (1:57 - 2:46) World History


George Montgomery

320-543-4600 ext. 4121