Classroom Expectations


« I believe in having high expectations of all children.

« I strive to develop a classroom climate based on caring, clear limits, consistency, and respect.

« Our classroom is a safe and comfortable learning environment.


At Humphrey Elementary we use the Responsive Classroom approach.  This approach emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. 

Responsive Classroom Guiding Principles:

  • The social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.
  • How children learn is as important as what they learn: Process and content go hand in hand.
  • The greatest cognitive growth occurs through social interaction.
  • To be successful academically and socially, children need a set of social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.
  • Knowing the children we teach-individually, culturally, and developmentally-is as important as knowing the content we teach.
  • Knowing the families of the children we teach and working with them as partners is essential to children's education.
  • How the adults at school work together is as important as their individual competence: Lasting change begins with the adult community.

Additionally, I use the Nurtured Heart Approach®.  The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a set of strategies that builds richer relationships.  It inspires appropriate behaviors by energizing children when things are “going right” and it sets clear limits.  Children build a sense of inner wealth which is the basis for great decision making and success – critical for all children in the modern world.