Students Of The Month


Humphrey Elementary School's community prides itself on the great attitudes and citizenship of the student body. Each month, students are recognized by staff for displaying desirable character traits that stand out above and beyond the typical behaviors and citizenship demonstrated by their peers.  Listed below are the monthly themes, as well as students recognized for each month.  Found to the left is a link to each month, which lists its honorees and the brief writeup about the students being recognized.  Congratulations on your recognition...we are proud of you!!

SEPTEMBER:  Respect for Self and Others/Self Discipline
OCTOBER:  Cooperation
NOVEMBER:  Responsibility/Healthy Drug Free Lifestyle
DECEMBER:  Honesty
JANUARY:  Goal Setting
FEBRUARY:  Courage
MARCH:  Kindness
APRIL:  Communication
MAY:  Service to Others
JUNE:  Commitment to Family

March Students of the Month: Lucas Pawelk, Leo Duske, Dillon Skiles, Dani Poppler, Jahanna Alvarez, Kaden Munoz, Hutton Jerde, Gabby Teorey, Lindsay Nowak, Kyra Czsanskowski, and Amber Brown.

April Students of the Month:  Jade Hildman, Michael Garcia, Elias Houle, Ashley Nowak, Ronan Burke, Alex Marketon, Laheeb Nassiri, Gracie Fretheim, Clayton Kadlec, Alexis Kotila, and Gabe Hausladen.

May Students of the Month:  Rylie Kadlec, McKailia Robertson, Trina Karels, Isaiah Karels, Mallory Mengelkoch, Halli Poppler, Sammy Luhmann, Alexis Tepley, Carolyn Remer, Danielle Wood, and Henry Parks.