Human Resources

This section of our website includes many applications and materials important to our employees.

If staff have ideas on other items they would like to see posted here, please let Superintendent Sellner know!

Payroll-Human Resource

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Amy Carlson
or 320-543-3900 x4621

Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is in important part of a productive and positive workplace.  Please check out our employee wellness page for updates and information on wellness programs and initiatives!


Sick Leave Donation
Please note for leave donation it can only be donated to Donation Leave Bank not to a specific employee. Superintendent will approve all application for additional leave.
Fill-in form, print, sign and return to payroll for processing.
W-4 Form
Need to change your tax status, please use this form. You can fill out on-line and print. Return to Payroll Office and it will be processed with the next payroll.
Comp Time Record
Please use this form to record any earned comp time.
Mileage Form
Please use this form to track mileage.
2016 Federal reimbursement .54 per mile
2017 Federal reimbursement .535 per mile.
Expense Form
Please use this form to be reimbursed for expenses.
Staff Development - Workshop Request Form
Teachers should use this form when requesting to attend a workshop.
Employee Report of Injury Form:
Employees please use this form to report injury/illness to your Supervisor. This is a fill-in form so you can fill in all information and print. Please remember to sign and date and it needs to be turned in within 24 hours of the injury.

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