8th Grade
Ms. Meyerson
Ms. Looman
Ms. Lawrence

7th Grade

Mr. Hertwig
Ms. Kieser
Mr. Eldred

6th Grade
Mrs. Weseloh
Mr. Gagnon
Mr. Puncochar

5th Grade
Mr. Anderson
Mrs. Thrall
Mrs. Roemer

Advisory group is a great opportunity for middle school students to come together in smaller groups once a day and take time to focus on themselves, their classmates, and their school.  It is a time to participate in activities, and to learn something about themselves, their classmates, and their world.  It is a time to share and a time to work together.

The role of the advisor is to be an advocate for his/her students, to check on them and their progress, to get to know them, to connect with them, and to make sure they are succeeding at the middle school.

The role of the student is to participate to the best of their ability, to grow, to mature, and to become who they can be..

Advisory groups will participate in a variety of activities and lessons.  These activities and lessons include the following:

  • Student Handbook - rules and expectations 
  • Procedures and Practices – schedules, lunch, noon-time
  • Bus Safety – rules and expectations
  • “Getting to Know…” (games/activities) – about classmates, advisors, yourself
  • Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

As we look forward to a successful year at HLWW Middle School, we will rely a lot on our advisory groups to lead the way.  There is never a designated time of the day where students and staff say “Now is the time I work on becoming a better student, teacher, friend, co-worker, son/daughter, parent, or person.”  We ALL do that throughout the ENTIRE day in ALL we do.  We do that through our efforts, hard work, relationships, and behavior.  ADVISORY GROUPS give us an opportunity to stop, take a look at what we are doing throughout our day, talk about things that make us who we are, share our experiences and expertise with others, and work to make ourselves the BEST WE CAN BE!

Have a great school year!